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Post: #1 11-10-2016, 11:56 AM / trip to india friday 28 october

anyone travelling to heathrow on Thursday 27th October to join party to India on Friday 28th October on afternoon flight from Manchester, would appreciate help in negotiating heathrow airport to hotel designated for overnight stay, not used to travelling on my own, perhaps we could meet up beforehand at airport

Post: #2 11-10-2016, 09:06 PM / RE: trip to india friday 28 october

Hi Jessie,

If you don't get a rely from anyone making the same journey, it is really very easy.

Assuming that it is the Radisson Blu that is being used and that you are checking your main case straight through from Manchester to Delhi, then you will only have your hand luggage with you. When you come down the escalator from "Arrivals" in Terminal 5, just follow the signs for "Buses". (The info you get from OneT will tell you the actual bus number you need.) It is a very short walk (2-3 minutes) and the bus will drop you off right at the hotel door.

Have a great trip.


Post: #3 12-10-2016, 10:28 AM / RE: trip to india friday 28 october

Hi Jessie.
I think it should be fairly easy getting to the hotel, which I assume is the Radisson Blu? I'm doing the same journey from M'cr to Heathrow but this Friday, going to Tuscany! The Manchester flight goes into T5 & I understand once you have retrieved your luggage you make your way outside to where the various airport buses are located. You will need to get the H53 to the Radisson & it's £5.00 if you buy a ticket on the bus or £4.50 if you buy it from somewhere in the airport, but I'll be getting mine on the bus.
Incidentally, I'm going to try putting my case right through to Pisa airport so I will just have an overnight bag to cope with, trusting that BA/Heathrow won't lose my case overnight!
Have a lovely time in India, it's a beautiful country, and is on my never-ending list of places to go with 1T.

Post: #4 20-10-2016, 04:18 PM / RE: trip to india friday 28 october

Hi Jessie
Presently on the 1T holiday in Tuscany, and having a wonderful time.
The bus for the Radisson Blu goes from stop 22/23 and it was the 2nd hotel stop, after the Ibis - well it was last week!
My luggage arrived safely in Pisa. I found it 'liberating' just having my overnight bag at Manchester & Heathrow airports.

Post: #5 02-01-2017, 11:30 AM / RE: trip to india Oct - any tips?

Hi all!
I have just booked the Oct 2017 trip to India and wondered if any of you well seasoned single travellers have any tips/advice for me? I'm travelling from Leeds and hoping to stay overnight in the Radisson in Heathrow to meet everyone before we fly. I have travelled alone a couple of times before, but not with 1T, so a tad apprehensive, needless to say. Am hoping to meet lots of people in my age group (very late 50's!), so if we have singalongs at least I'll know the words!?

Post: #6 04-01-2017, 10:37 AM / RE: trip to india friday 28 october

I was more worried about finding my way to the Radisson hotel than finding my way to India !
But don't worry , one traveller sent excellent instructions and it was very easy. I double checked with a helpful member of staff at Heathrow. Enjoy India , you will have a wonderful time.