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Post: #1 25-02-2020, 06:21 PM / Thailand January 2020

A short review of the most wonderful tour! I'd researched numerous companies before I decided to book the OT Thailand tour and it really is the best itinerary around for this marvellous destination. We saw the most interesting and awe-inspiring temples, travelled in a tuk-tuk, rickshaw, train and boats of different types, witnessed the most stunning scenery, ate amazing food and had a totally brilliant time! The highlights for me were visiting the elephant sanctuary near Chiang Mai and the stay in Khao Lak - it was the addition of this to the itinerary that gives it the edge over other tours to Thailand and it was fantastic. The views in Khao Sok national park and Phang Nga Bay (where we went to see the iconic James Bond Island) were breath-taking. The hotels were all terrific. We had a excellent tour manager in Richard Lord and our local guide was the always happy and enthusiastic Lek. To top it off, we had a great group of solo travellers! Highly recommended; I have been to over 70 countries and this tour ranks as one of my all time favourites. Thank you, OT!

Post: #2 26-02-2020, 08:19 PM / RE: Thailand January 2020

So glad you enjoyed this trip. I went a couple of years ago (I chose this version because of the River Kwai element) and loved (most of) it - with the changes you mentioned I would love to go again but so many places and so little time - oh - and money..... My enduring memory of a journey with so many special moments, was of the trip by coach back to Bangkok when we drove through miles of flooded roads, water half way up the coach. One poor distraught lady was chasing her sofa which was being carried away by the flood waters. Many locals were seated on top of their submerged parked cars and smiled and waved as we drove very slowly by. Strange what you remember! A stunning and intriguing country with cheerful and friendly people.

Post: #3 28-02-2020, 10:55 AM / RE: Thailand January 2020

I so agree with you BGBG.
I did this tour over Christmas. I loved every minute of it.
It’s the only holiday I’ve ever done that I would happily do all over again.